Remove webcam sessions records

A webcam model's job is to show the show to her clients. The latter, in turn, pay for this kind of entertainment content. But, there are situations when webcam sessions are recorded by some resources, and then sold for money. It turns out that the webcam model did not receive money, but the owners of these resources make good money on it.
Therefore, many webcam models are interested in how to delete recordings of webcam sessions. Although, there are those who have not even thought about it or do not know. It can take a long time to completely remove videos from pirated web resource servers, and there are many ways to do this. It takes about 2-3 days to remove content if the Internet resource goes to a meeting. If not, other methods are used, and then deleting files can take up to 30 days.
According to a recent study, more than half of all webcam models in business are unaware that their shows are being recorded and published online without their permission. The increase in illegal recordings jeopardizes the privacy of the model, and also leads to a decrease in revenue, since the videos are widely available on the Internet for free and are easy to find. Our company offers DMCA protection services for webcam models to protect their content and privacy.
What are the benefits for a model if her videos are removed?
The rise of platforms such as Onlyfans, Patreon, and Manyvids has made it easier for content creators to create content themselves. Unfortunately, this type of content is most often distributed illegally. We can help you remove illegal videos, images, and downloads.

This has two major benefits. Number one is, of course, a higher level of income, because the less content you can find on the Internet for free, the more visitors will come to your webcam show page.

And second, help yourself find peace of mind knowing that your content and your personal information will not be circulated online. We help you focus on what really matters while keeping you safe online.

The key thing to remember is that your earnings and safety depend on whether your webcam recordings are available on the Internet. If so, urgently look for ways to remove them, and that's all. Moreover, specialists in this matter will be able to sort out the situation faster. Deleting videos on your own is long, difficult, and there are no guarantees that it will be 100% successful. Some sites, for example,,,, do not even need to try to "bomb" with your letters. You won't be able to remove content from them on your own.
Why is it bad for a webcam model when her videos are on the Internet?
There are two main reasons that can damage the model:

1. Blackmail. Yes, that is right. Some characters download these videos, write webcam models and begin to blackmail, demanding to send a certain amount of money to the card.

2. Any other resource can merge, and you will know after the fact that your videos have spread all over the Internet. For example, your videos can be on Webca Club or 4chan- popular sites from which you definitely need to delete your videos. You won't be able to do this on your own, so you need to contact specialists. Or change nicknames, photos and other information everywhere, which is much longer and more expensive.
4chan is a very famous site, and you will very quickly find out that your photos or videos have appeared there by subscriptions on social networks, which will definitely not keep you waiting.

3. Someone will fall in love and will start getting on all social networks. This is possible if the video was not deleted, and the man turned out to be inadequate with a lot of free time. The danger is that he can find you in real life, and then it is no longer known how it might end.

How to delete recordings of webcam sessions by yourself?

It is possible to delete webcam sessions on your own, but it is very difficult to do it. In order for a model to delete her videos from a certain resource, it is often necessary to write a letter to the owners. But, the difficulty is not even in composing it correctly, but in who to write to? All data is classified, it is difficult to find the owners of pirated Internet resources without certain connections and knowledge.

Our company helps all our webcam models to remove all videos on the Internet where they are present. Our specialists find resource owners, contact them directly and resolve the issue of deleting all records of the model's webcam sessions. Our automated search engine scans a database of known pirate sites. This database is constantly growing as new sites emerge and emerge. We regularly update the information, so we can be sure that we will remove all content with the participation of the webmodel.

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