Photos are already an integral part of our life. Hundreds and thousands of pictures are taken every day by different people. However, not all of them are desirable. If you are a "hero" of materials that you are not happy with at all, then you are probably wondering "how to remove a photo from the Internet". In this article, we will answer it.
What can be really deleted and what not
Immediately we will disappoint, not all data from the Internet can be deleted by yourself. At some point, you will have to turn to specialists. In the case of a photo or video, you cannot delete them if:

- They are made for public purposes.

- You were photographed at a public event, where you can freely access.

- If you yourself uploaded them to the network, and someone just distributed them.

- If you get paid for these photos.

In fact, without specialists, it is possible to delete photos or videos only if they are offensive or contain "18+" content. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to achieve this.
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The easiest ways to remove photos from the Web

How do I permanently delete my photos from the Internet?
Here you need the help of specialists who can hack your account or service and destroy unwanted pictures. However, their services are quite high, and there is a risk of violation of the law. You can delete materials in another simple way: through a complaint.
You can make a complaint about material or content on both social networks and search engines. The technique is approximately the same:

- Submit your complaint through a special form.

- Provide links to photos and the reasons for their removal.

- You are waiting for the result.
The greatest success can be found on the Google search engine. There, the probability of deleting a photo where a person's face is clearly visible is 70%. In other cases, the indicator is much lower.
For example, the Vkontakte administration does not care at all whether you like the photo or not. If there is nothing offensive or obscene in it, then they do not see problems. Therefore, the photo will not be deleted.

A similar problem is with other social networks such as Instagram or FB. There must be a good reason that complies with the rules established by the service for the administration to decide to respond positively to the complaint. Answering the question of how to remove a photo from the Internet completely free, we can come to the conclusion that only through a complaint from the administration. Otherwise, it is easier to contact specialists.

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Why can't a photo be deleted from the Internet?

This question is being asked by many. However, everything is very simple here: a huge number of people and services to which materials can be uploaded cannot be tracked. Moreover, the slightest change in light and shade in the photo and other changes in Photoshop, and as a result - the system will perceive the edited picture as a new one. If we are talking about famous people, then deleting photos is completely unrealistic. After all, someone saves them in their archives and then publishes them again. But experts, with the help of neural networks, can always neutralize the appearance of certain photos on the Web.
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