Often, files and data get on the network that the owner would not want to distribute at all. It's mainly about photos and videos. Therefore, many ask the question "how to remove personal data from the Internet?"
Resource administration complaint
This is the easiest way to fix the problem. To do this, it is enough to write to the site administrator with the corresponding problem. At the same time, in the letter, indicate links to photos or data and briefly describe why you want to remove them.

However, the administration will not agree to destroy all photos or videos from someone else's account or profile. For example, FB does not delete files if they do not contain offensive background or 18+ content. In such a situation, you don't even have to try to do something through the administration. A similar problem if an attacker used your photos to fill out a profile on his page. Other social networks have roughly the same rules. Therefore, study them before wasting your time.

Reporting to the police and court
This method is more radical. How to remove your passport data from the Internet? The release of such personal information to the public can lead to unpleasant consequences. Therefore, write a statement to the police. If the matter is in ordinary photographs, then there are exceptions. The police will refuse to accept the application if:

- The photo or video was taken for state, public and other interests. This is especially true of public figures: actors, performers, athletes, political or public figures.

- You have been photographed or filmed in a public place or at a public event.

- You received a fee for this photo.

It also plays an important role whether you yourself published these photos, which you can distribute in the future. For example, FB has a share button, therefore, you must be prepared for your photo to be shared by other users. Moreover, your permission is not required for this.

How to remove data from a search engines
There are complaint forms everywhere you can use. For example, on Google it looks like DMCA report form. It is important to submit a complaint through the correct form: you can remove the content from the search engine or directly the materials. In the case of a photo where your face is clearly visible, then the success rate is 70%.

It is also possible to displace information from the search results. However, for this you need to hire specialists, you cannot cope with it on your own. We are talking about SERM, which deals with reputation management in search engines.
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In conclusion, let us recall that "the Internet remembers everything," and therefore it is simply unrealistic to delete information or data by 100%. However, it can be "muffled" by some methods. Therefore, in order to remove photos or personal data from the Internet, it is worth contacting professionals. Leave your email and we will contact you for a free consultation.® is a registered trademark of Private Life Protection Ltd.